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Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, you need to prepare your annual accounts accurately and in good time. There’s no getting out of them. But despite their importance, it’s easy to put them on the backburner or forget them entirely as you focus on the parts of the business that really need your attention.

There’s no need to add more to your already full plate, so let us prepare your annual accounts for you. We take pride in our organised approach to accounting to meet deadlines with completely accurate work. We work not only to keep your accounting in order, but to give you back time and control over your business.

We do that by keeping you on track with your obligations – annual accounts preparation, Companies House submission, tax returns and more. We strive to go the extra mile for every client, so we will also advise you on tax reliefs and allowances so you only pay the tax you owe.

Your annual accounts are the starting point for your tax return, whether that’s personal income tax self-assessment or corporation tax. The better managed your accounting and bookkeeping throughout the year, the less complicated you’ll find doing your tax return. Furthermore, accurate accounts are essential for loan applications and tax credit claims.

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