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One factor unites almost every audit: how disruptive and stressful they often are to a business. Auditors will perform various tasks and functions shrouded in jargon and complexities, so it’s annoying not knowing how exactly the audit is worth it. Furthermore, certain companies and businesses over a certain size must undergo a statutory audit. You’ll therefore want to look for an audit team that will be right for you.

Our audits are robust, transparent and as unobtrusive as possible, which we can promise after the years of training and experience our team has had with audits. Our purpose is to review your accounts and provide a true and fair view of the financial performance of your business, not disrupt you. For that reason, we’re especially careful to respect the boundaries of small businesses that may already feel cramped. We’ll also make recommendations in our final report, so you can use your audit to improve and increase your value.

We have experience across a range of industries, so we’ll tailor our approach to your operating model, business structure and the goods or services you provide. If your sector has special audit requirements, we’ll meet those, too. For charities, that means complying with the requirements for a SORP-compliant audit. For legal firms, it means delivering an audit that complies with Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) standards.

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