Business planning

Don’t fail to plan, or you’ll plan to fail

If you want to succeed and accomplish your business goals, you need a detailed business plan. It’s an essential tool for business growth. But if you’re unsure about what to include, which numbers you need to support forecasts and projections, and how to put it all together, don’t worry – you aren’t the first.

At Kench & Co, we can help you put together a comprehensive business plan that puts you in control, identifies threats and opportunities, and clarifies all that you need to do. Once we’ve done the job, lenders and investors will see you for the credible and ambitious business person you are. 

While every business will be different, there are certain things any good business plan will include. This includes a multi-year financial projection, income forecasts, balance sheets, cashflow statements and capital expenditure budgets. Each of these takes time and effort to put together, which we’ll help you with as part of our overall business planning service.

Our service will benefit you if you’re looking to start a new business, but will be particularly useful if you’re entering a period of growth or expansion. With a plan and our help, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

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