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Forming a company is never an easy task, regardless of whether you’re planning your first limited company or your tenth. There are more than a handful of registrations and filings you have to send to Companies House and HMRC, which isn’t to mention the financial cost. The paperwork doesn’t stop once the company is in place, though. More often than not, it continues to pile up, sometimes escaping the attention of directors who are already under enormous pressure.

At Kench & Co, we help people incorporate their business from start to finish, handling all the busy work that comes up. So, we’ll register your company for corporation tax, set up a PAYE scheme and help you choose the accounting system best suited for your business.

Our work won’t be finished there, though. Once we’ve set your company up, we can act as your company secretary, a type of worker that is responsible for all the administrative duties a company must adhere to. So, we’ll keep up to date with the paperwork and Companies House filing demands. We’ll also file your annual accounts, update your statutory registers and draw up your director’s report.

Company secretarial is also about holding together your company’s internal structures and keeping all its parts moving. From arranging meetings of the board of directors and shareholders to drafting and dispatching the minutes on your behalf, we’ll have you covered.

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