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Merging your business with another is a great way to grow your business in the long term, by expanding into new markets or territories, gaining a competitive advantage and acquiring new technologies or skills. 

This might sound enticing, but arranging a merger or acquisition is a tall order. You need to know how to choose the right company with which to merge without losing the trust of your shareholders, while making sure what your two companies can do together will be better than what you can do individually. Sometimes, though, it’s not a choice, and you should always make the best of a bad situation.

Get in touch with us for advice, whether you’re acquiring another business or transferring yours to someone else. We’ll make sure your deal is in your best interest and that it will allow you to achieve your long term goals. We’re the perfect team to have on your side, as we’ll lend our credibility to you to convince shareholders there’s something in the merger for them. 

We’ve helped dozens of clients set up a deal and have gained some useful insights. First, don’t rush. Otherwise, you might make a mistake or sign into a deal that isn’t right for you. Second, get a second opinion on the value of the business you want to merge with. After all, while the owner of the acquired business will be the first to tell you when you’re underpaying, they’ll be the last to say you’re overpaying.

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