Profit forecasts and cashflows

Helping you make sure there’s more coming in than out

There are two words that crop up all the time in the business world that you absolutely need to understand. First, there’s profit, which is the money that is leftover from your turnover once you subtract your expenses. Then, there’s cashflow, which describes how money flows in and out of your business. You need more coming in than going out to pay the bills and keep the lights on. Therefore, you need a positive cashflow. 

Understanding these two relatively simple concepts isn’t the challenge – the challenge is accurately recording and predicting what your profit and cashflow is likely to be at any point in the future. 

As it turns out, profit and cashflow forecasts are something of a speciality to us. We’re number crunchers at heart and can put multiple forecasts together for you however often you need it, so you never have to plan without data ever again. We take into account a range of variables so whatever circumstances your business meets, you’ll be ready to act. 

Cashflow and profit forecasts are essential if you want to stay open long term, as investors will expect to see them before they choose to invest in you. Having yours done independently by a professional accounting firm will only add to your credibility as a business owner, as you can promise your forecasts are reliable and unbiased.

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